Getting Access

PCP/TTHH receives referrals for Adult Community Support Services (CSS) through Meck Link. Meck Link is the agency that initially screens for services. Once a participant has been screened for services a referral is made to our Admissions Department and the process is as follows:

1. The Admissions Department will review the referral information and contact you immediately to schedule to meet with you within 7 days of the referral. Every participant is authorized for 4 hours of Community Support Services (CSS) for the first 30 days to determine if the participant meets the State’s criteria for SPMI services and needs the services past 30 days.

2. The Admissions Coordinator will schedule an intake appointment and complete the intake paperwork and enrollment forms. At this meeting services are explained. If you have a current psychiatrist, then the Admissions Coordinator will obtain your medical records to determine eligibility for Community Support Services. If you do not have a psychiatrist, then an intake meeting for a clinical assessment will be scheduled at the Behavior Health Center, and this assessment will be obtained to determined eligibility for Community Support Services. If you are determined to meet criteria for services based on the clinical assessment, then you will continue to receive the services past the initial 30 days. The clinical assessment will help the Community Support Coordinator (CSC) determine what services you need.

3. The assigned Community Support Coordinator (CSC) will meet with you and conduct a meeting for your Introductory Person Centered Plan. This will allow the treatment team to be aware of the areas that will be addressed by the Community Support Coordinator (CSC) and all team members involved in your care.

4. You will be assigned a Community Support Coordinator (CSC) from the Admissions Team for the first 3-6 months of services. This will allow the Community Support Coordinator (CSC) to determine the participant’s eligibility for services and the need to continue to receive the services after 6 months with the agency.

5. You can call your Community Support Coordinator (CSC) to ask questions, help you make appointments or discuss other needs you might have. The Community Support Coordinator (CSC) will assist you with communicating with your mental health providers to ensure medications and services are prescribed appropriately and there are no side effects or interactions with your medications. You will also be asked about who should be on your treatment team. The treatment team should consist of anyone you know that can help determine what treatment options would be best for you. You would include your doctor and Community Support Coordinator(CSC), as well as family members, friends and other representatives who know you and can help you decide what to do to get healthy and stay healthy.

The Community Support Coordinator (CSC) is required to have at least two contacts with you per month. One of the contacts must be in person. Once the Community Support Coordinator (CSC) has assessed your needs, he/she will meet with you to develop the Complete Person Centered Plan to meet your needs. The Community Support Coordinator (CSC) may link you to resources in the community or link you with a support person to assist you with skill building, socialization, anger management, managing your illness and participating in the community. You are the driver of your plan. It is your plan and your input is what counts the most!!!!!

CAP/MR/DD Services:

All services must be approved through the Local Management Entity (LME) through a process called authorization. The authorization is obtained through the Case Management Provider. Prior to the authorization, you should have met with your treatment team to assist in the determination of your needs and the development of your Person Centered Plan, which is then approved through Value Options. Once Person Centered Partnerships has been selected as the provider of choice, we will:

  • Make a home visit, meet with you, and your treatment team to discuss and assess your needs and the hours that you want services to be provided.
  • Discuss our role as a provider of services.
  • Complete the intake process which includes obtaining all necessary releases, consents, and reviews of HIPPA, Client Right’s, and PCP and TTHH Policies and Procedures.
  • Coordinate with the Case Management Agency to obtain copies of all necessary documentation, including the Person Centered Plan.
  • Implement services.